School Programs

Mika first began teaching music and drumming with children in 1981 while studying early childhood education at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. Since then he has taught thousands of classes at a variety of schools and Summer camps. He is experienced in working with youth from many different age groups, cultural and economic backgrounds.

Children light-up with joy and interest at Mika’s Drumming Magic presentations. Presentations are perfect for:Pickleweed-2

  • Classrooms
  • Summer camps
  • School assemblies
  • Family nights
  • Special events
  • After school programs
  • Teacher trainings
  • Libraries

When children play drums in a group, they are learning much more than just how to play an instrument. They are also learning:

    • Mathematics, by identifying and experiencing sequences of numbers.
    • To cooperate and control their excitement.
    • Exposure to music of other cultures.
    • To concentrate while integrating structure and creativity.
    • To express their feelings in a safe, positive way.
    • To coordinate auditory, visual and kinesthetic information.
    • A great way to have fun!
"Mika Scott performed at the Mill Valley Library Children's End-of-Summer Party 
and was a huge hit with the kids and parents.  He had a steady group of kids of 
all ages who all got the opportunity to play their own drums.  Kids loved the 
interactive program, and I would have Mika back in a second"  
-Jessica Ryan, Senior Children's Librarian, Mill Valley Public Library

Mika’s resume

Contact:     (415) 482-1610

Vallejo Unified School District Letter of Reference